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Membership information

Dedicated to Safe Boating and Fellowship Between Boaters
Centered around the Alton Pool area of the Mississippi River

The opportunity to meet fun folks in the area that enjoy boating.
We sponsor numerous events on and off the river. 
All of our members are very active boaters.  If there is an event taking place on the river, and we didn't sponsor it, we certainly know about it.

Con Trios Yacht Club is affiliated with Yachting Club of America and BoatUS.

One advantage of being a member of Con Trios Yacht Club is our affiliation with the Yachting Club of America.  Check out their website ( for more information on what this means, in particular the reciprocity afforded members when traveling to other clubs.  Members of Con Trios should also have received a membership card for Yachting Club of America in their packets with the Roster that has the username and password on it.  If you do not have your card, members of Con Trios Yacht Club can email the CTYC Webmaster to obtain their Username and Password which will allow access to the areas of their website restricted to members only. If you need a card contact the club secretary to mail one to you.

As a Cooperating Group Member of BOAT US (, we are offered discounted memberships. Here's the link to the membership application:
When you get down to the "Other Information" section select "Local Yacht Club" next to "I belong to" then enter our group number  GA80177Y in the space by "BoatUS Cooperating Group Number"  to get the discounted rate.

We do ask that members attend at least two events a year.  If you're already an active boater this shouldn't be a problem.  We also have a membership fee, mostly to cover the mailing costs of our newsletter.

Well the requirements are pretty easy.  Since there is alcohol available at many of our events, you must be at least 21.  Also, since we are a boating club, it makes sense that you must own a boat.  (Even a personal water craft will do)
All applicants must be sponsored by a Con Trios member.
Annual Dues are $50 per year.  New Members begin as Prospective Members by applying for membership and paying their first annual dues of $50.  Six months after acceptance by the Board a one time Initiation Fee of $135 will be due.