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Sad News to Report

Published on 3/4/2023
Sad news to Report....

    Immediate Past Commodore, Jessica Mckay's father
    Former First Gentleman, Bobby Mckay's father in law
    unexpectedly passed away this week

    Our condolences and thoughts go to you and your family at this difficult time.

    Dan Scherer - March 1st, 2023
Dan Scherer
Dan Scherer's Celebration of Life will be on Sunday, April 2nd at the Elks Lodge in O'Fallon, Missouri.

A post from Jessica,

We found out Thursday morning that my dad passed in his sleep Wednesday evening.
There’s no way I could ever summarize pops’ life or what he meant to me, but I can’t say nothing either.
I was always a bit of a daddy’s girl. I spent my childhood fishing, doing archery and hanging out with my dad in our childhood garage. I remember bragging about him hitting home runs and splitting wood with an axe. He always brought me along to archery tournaments and bow fishing trips even if sometimes his friends might have preferred he didn’t.
He loved his family; he took an interest in and leaned about anything my sister or I were into.
He loved the Elks Lodge; he volunteered regularly and made lifelong friends there.
He loved Missouri sports teams and NASCAR; he’d yell at the TV during play off games and always tried his hardest to secure us opening day tickets.
He was a great cook. He could work a grill, a smoker, a pot of oil and was known for his shrimp boils. He once spent hours helping me make a buche de noel cake for my French class.
I’ve been rolling my eyes at the thought of his dad jokes and puns, but thankful that he passed his sarcasm and wit along.
My friends were his friends, he made everyone welcome. He loved Bobby because I did and they were great buds.
He was a great grandpa to our dogs and always made sure to spoil them.
I’m sad he never got to retire and that his next birthday was just one month away. I’m comforted to know he lived his life the way he wanted to, by always making sure to have a good time. I know he’d want me to do the same.
There’s never ever enough time with those we love, make sure you hug yours tight.
Cheers to you, Pops. I love you.

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