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A couple of feel good stories for the Holidays

Published on 11/29/2012
Not a whole lot going on boating wise right now so with the holidays coming up maybe a couple of feel good stories are in order.  Con Trios Yacht Club Past Commodore Gary Meinershagen sent in the following email.
"Hello Darryll, I would like to share my recent experience with Walters Jewelers, located in downtown St. Charles, Mo. with the members of Con Trios Yacht Club.
This past September I took my wedding rings to Walters Jewelers for minor repairs and cleaning.  In November while in Florida I found a small diamond missing and a small crack in the gold. I called Chris at Walters and he said "Here is our Post Office account number, take the rings to the post office and have them send the rings to me". In less than a week the rings were returned to my front door here in Florida, fixed.  NO charge! Now that's customer service.
Walters Jewelers have donated gifts to CTYC for years, and I am sure every Past Commodore can attest to that, I do not have enough praise for Walters Jewelers. I would recommend to all CTYC members to support Walters Jewelers.
Thank You Walters Jewelers."
Editor / Webmaster / Past Commodore note:  Walters has always donated to our Champagne Brunch raffle, usually a very nice anchor necklace.  Thanks to Gary for a feel good email!
This year I (Darryll Weil) signed up with Bloch Marine for their TowBoatUS service which also includes a membership with BoatUS.  John Bloch and his crew are a major help in putting on the Blessing of the Fleet and I am pretty good at having problems where I need a tow so it was a good fit.  After I had signed up I remembered that Con Trios Yacht Club members get a discount with BoatUS as affiliate members.  I simply emailed a reply to my confirmation email and BoatUS emailed me back with a credit on my credit card.  That's all the good news I have right now.  Merry Christmas to all!