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I had a request to use some pictures of the Get Together for the Con Trios Yacht Club website from a Facebook album.  That takes a lot of time and work to download each individual picture, rename, watermark, edit, etc., no way for me to do it in bulk / batch mode.  
Here’s a couple of ways to get them to me or let me link to your Facebook album.

The preferred method is just email me the ones you want to post on the Con Trios website, resizing them to 800 X 600 works perfect.  A free program I use to do this is Fast Stone Image Viewer.  You can download it from , it has a Batch Convert feature that allows you to convert and resize a whole bunch of pictures at one time into another folder so you can email a lot of pictures at one time from that folder and then you can delete the folder after sending the pictures.  If you use an email client like Outlook Express, Outlook, WinMail or some other program on your computer Fast Stone can resize and attach them to an email on the fly without making a permanent copy or changing your original.

Email your pictures to
Facebook albums can also be linked depending on how you set the privacy settings.  If you look at one of your album pages of thumbnails and scroll all the way to the bottom you will see “Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link:”.  Highlight the line starting with http:// and paste it into an email to me and I can then use that to link to the album you already created.  This is only visible to the logged in creator of the album, I cannot get it on my own from someone else’s Facebook album.
At some of the events I have my laptop with me and you can just bring your camera over and I can copy them right there after the event is over, mostly like the boat events where we stay overnight.

Many thanks to all of you that contribute pictures, everyone appreciates seeing them.
Just thought I would pass on a couple of easy ways to do it.
Thanks, Roger